Solka is a specially prepared slightly bitter backery product.
We recommend to eat it with the quality cheese or to drink it with the wine.

If you have some skill with our product, could you send us an e-mail: info

Fruit Slices - Breclav Confectionery introduces these new products as an excellent substitute for cakes. Compared with cakes which have a lot of calories, fruit slices are not so caloric and therefore seem to be much healthier than cakes. Except for this, they are very refreshing because they contain a lot of fruit. In addition to fruit slices, Breclav Confectionery also offers a wide choice of traditional and light cakes and desserts. Please feel free to contact Breclav Confectionery for further information.

Bioproducts - Breclav Bakery started the production of bioproducts on the first of May in 2008. For more details look at the last section of the websites of Breclav Bakery where the assortment of bioproducts is available. Feel free to order bioproducts at Breclav Bakery. We are looking forward to giving you further information.
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