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Karlova pekárna successfully expanding its range of breads.Check out some of our bread:

Karkulka bread



Karkulka bun




Favorite products:

                                                                                          Olympic bread


                                                                                              Karl‘s bread

      Bread made according to a special recipe containing rye ferment of own production. It weighs an unbeliavable 2kg.



On June 1, 2010 has successfully started production of the classic wedding cakes with butter and milk. Taste at our stores these exceptional products produced by the original recipe with a cottage cheese, plum jam,poppy seed or nuts filling


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Breclav Bakery started the production of bioproducts on the first of May in 2008. For more details look at the last section of the websites of Breclav Bakery where the assortment of bioproducts is available.
Feel free to order bioproducts at Breclav Bakery.
We are looking forward to giving you further information.

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