The Company of Karlova pekárna was established in 1990 when the first manufactory was built in Židlochovice. In 1994 the bakery in Tišnov was privatized by KP (you can find traditional bakery products there) and In 2005 the buffet in Měnín was opened.

From the beginning KP has decided to establish its own shops. In 2005 there were already more than twenty shops, among them also the recently opened shop in Vaňkovka Brno which offers an exceptional range of bakery products assigned only for this shop.

KP provides a wide range of bakery products, including both primary bakery products such as a roll, a Christmas cake and a croissant and also special bakery products such as a French brioche, Christmas stole, French loaf, special baguettes, wholemeal breads and sunflower bread from KP was even awarded a second and third prizeon the competition "Zlatý chléb" in the "Salima Fair 1995".

KP distributes its products to the districts such as Brno, Blansko, Břeclav, Žďár nad Sázavou, Znojmo, Zlín and Uherské Hradiště. Cooperating with the carriers, we are able to supply the shops throughout the Czech Republic. For some towns, such as Brno or Znojmo, we are able to provide deliveries in the afternoon (including Saturdays and Sundays), having sufficient reserves on stock.

Karlova Pekárna supplies hundreds of shops comprising small private shops and restaurants, retailing shops and even huge supermarkets.

It supplies its customers with fresh backery products not only from Monday to Sunday but also, of course if there is such a demand, a few times a day. Moreover, each customer has its own representative who struggles to fulfil his or her wishes. The most important customers are given the special service of replenishing shelves.

As the quality of the bakery products is for our company on the first place, it is checked by the specially qualified workers. The firm philosophy concerns on satisfying the customer's needs and therefore the employees of sales department are still available for twenty-four hours including a weekend.







               Karlova pekárna won at poll „Brno Top 100 Companies“ award  "The Company of the Year 2014". 









Stores Vaňkovka Brno and Prague OC Arcade were awarded as the "Store of the 21st century."





Karlova pekárna was awarded by honorable mention for successful contestant with the right to use the logo     Chuť jižní Moravy/Taste of south Moravia


On 31 May 2014 was achieved a new czech record with help of Karl‘s bakery.




Karlova pekárna is for several years one of the sponsors of charity “Koláč pro hospic/Cake for hospice“.






Karlova pekárna was awarded as the „Best bakery in Brno “

On February 19, 2011 we received a third place in the competition "Dortiáda s kometou".

     Karlova Pekárna was awarded as the „Best bakery in Brno“ by listeners of Radio Kiss Hady.
 Karlova Pekárna was awarded at the competition "Koláček Podluzi"    
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